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Fusion is Part of BlockCerts Blockchain

BLOCKCERTS Blockchain is based on the Patented technology for Secure Virtual Space and Process Flow Chains for connecting market spaces across networks. FusionSTX integrated this technology to provide a new type of exchange never available.

BCBC has created the BCERT Utility Token, which currently processes, through over 400 APP functions and modules embedded on BCBC, the blockchain transaction blocks without the need for miners.

BLOCKCERTS has created a comprehensive technical platform that address all business tools and technical issues related to tokenization.

Download one of their business apps or purchase tokens to run your business!

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“ is creating a brand new inclusive financial environment by providing early access to retail traders to token private placements and is the first in the world to introduce a profit-sharing concept”.

Daniele Mensi


President, FusionSTX

“CoinStruction will collaborate with current clients and contacts in the cryptocurrency and crypto-token secondary markets to facilitate listing processes and provide consultancy services as an extension of the BlockCerts Blockchain team”.

Christof Waton


Chief Business Development

“ has a brand inclusive vision of a new category of digital investors, both retail and Institutional that sets them apart from everyone else”

Tim Vasko


CEO, BlockCerts Blockchain

ExMarkets Exchange Listing

ExMarkets is a popular IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) Launch Pad. It’s a popular exchange for the most promising blockchain solutions. On 4-20-2020 BlockCerts was listed on the ExMarkets Exchange as a “Pre-Trading Token” under the symbol: BCERT/USDT. The initial Bid of $.90 and $1.00 Ask. Companies and individuals can purchase pre-public tokens directly at BlockCerts.


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CoinStruction Partnership

CoinStruction and the CoinStruction liquidity framework have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with FusionSTX and BlockCerts Blockchain. The relationship will provide revolutionary new offerings to Fintech and expand blockchain adoption into mainstream business.

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How you can partner with us

FusionSTX is a growth company that continues to add partnerships and growth opportunities around the globe. If you have a synergistic approach, new solution or a token project you’d like to review, please contact us!